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Practical Application and Use of Social Media in Criminal Investigations

 This two day, Level 1 course is intended for Law Enforcement agencies and their personnel. It is non - technical with no prerequisites necessary and presented in an easy to follow format in which the participants will be well acquainted with social platforms and how to use them to develop intelligence, violate parolees, disrupt criminal gang activity and enhance cases for the prosecutor’s office.


Training All Agencies Need

 Currently up to 80% of all investigations have some social media component. Developing an effective social media program that standardizes policy and procedures with protocols that insulates your agency from liability is a specialized skillset. If your agency is not engaging in social media investigation best practices, then your investigators are at a distinct disadvantage. 

Class Content

  This dynamic, interactive course will give police personnel an overview of the necessary equipment, training, and methods to implement an effective social media strategy to conduct open source as well as covert social media investigations.  Learn how to access the dark web and the deep web; the difference between the two and how to conduct investigative lead search should your investigation take you there. Learn how to integrate this program with your local prosecutor’s office. Learn the most up to date policies regarding L.E. requests subpoenas, preservations, and search warrants from the most popular social media sites such as Facebook®, Twitter®, Instagram®. 


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